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Business is fun, but it can also get tricky. When you streamline processes, use technology to your advantage and have a go-to resource for skillful guidance, it sets you up for greater efficiencies. Sometimes, it’s all about the training, and sometimes, it’s all in the accountability to make sure you’re on track—and stay on track. When you need a little extra attention, we hope you look to us for that guidance. Choose a time that works with your schedule for a free, introductory phone consultation here

And—we’re looking for you IF:

you need help using QuickBooks to track and report on business activity that matters

you are ready to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

you want to accurately monitor and improve your cash flow and profitability

you want to learn how to efficiently manage your own bookkeeping and payroll

you need clarity and explanation on tax rules that apply to your business

Whether your business is just starting or growing rapidly, we would be delighted to partner with you to provide the tips and training needed to ensure that success is yours.

Some of our favorite clients are just like you—working toward something meaningful and needing a little help along the way. 

As your fractional CFO, we can help you clarify your vision and strategy by developing achievable goals and designing a plan that will get you there. Your concerns with outdated systems, unstable reporting and excessive manual processing will be evaluated while we set a course to improve processes, margins, cash flow and profitability. We’ll discuss important metrics such as expenses, receivables and compliance. With a forward-thinking approach, we’ll eliminate those headaches and make it fun again!

We can step in to provide that peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowledge and experience as your outsourced controller and staff trainer. We thrive on educating our clients so they can become even better at managing their books and payroll, being prepared for tax time and observing all federal, state and local regulations. 

Refining your financials for accuracy and profitability

Certified in QuickBooks Desktop and Online, we can train you to use this premier software to efficiently manage invoices, expenses, inventory and payroll. You’ll have accurate information and financial snapshots at your fingertips.

We’ll help you ramp up for success. Knowing your numbers—and being confident in their accuracy—is important to your decision making and goal achievement. If you need help with analytics or making sense of your financials, we can find the data and put it in a format that is helpful and straightforward. 

With our broad experience, we understand the critical factors involved in profitability and positive cash flow. If your current financial strength isn’t where you’d like it, we can help you design an accountability plan that paves the way to a successful outcome—step by step. 

Here’s a first step that’s quick and easy: schedule your free, one-hour consultation to get started. Or, give us a call at 402-218-0153 if it can’t wait. 

You can acCOUNT on us—even if you’re in a rush!

   Experience You Can acCOUNT On
We can provide that peace of mind and confidence that comes with having your own outsourced controller and staff trainer.

   Your Fractional CFO
With our years of experience, we can help you set a course that will improve processes, margins, cash flow and profitability.

   Financial Planning with a Trusted Partner
We can help you design an accountability plan that paves the way to a successful outcome—step by step.

   Nationwide Services
Whether you’re in California or Virginia, or whether you have homes and offices in multiple states, we’ve got you covered.

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