Accounting Services For Businesses & Individuals

Full-Service Accounting Firm


Our professional services include, but are not limited to:

 Bookkeeping services
 Small business accounting
 QuickBooks training and consulting
 Professional payroll services
 Payroll set up and training
 Tax planning services
 Sales tax management
 Business and corporate tax preparation
 IRS tax resolution
 Outsourced controller consulting
 Individual tax services 


Bookkeeping services: We will do off-site bookkeeping for you so you can feel confident that your numbers and reports are accurate.

Small business accounting: When you want to make sure that your accounting is accurate and best practices are being used, we can perform all accounting activities while keeping communication open for questions.

QuickBooks training and consulting: We’ll clean up your bookkeeping and train your employee on using QuickBooks, so you’ll be ready for tax preparation when it’s time. 

Professional payroll services: We can manage your payroll process for you to ensure proper procedures, accurate reports, and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Payroll set up and training: If you’d like your employee to manage payroll, we can set up the system, train your employee in best practices, and even check in occasionally to make sure all is well.

Tax planning services: We can meet quarterly to discuss your numbers and tax situation to make sure you are planning realistically to meet your projected goals.

Sales tax management: We’ll give you details on sales tax regulations and compliance as it relates to your business, so you can avoid audit surprises and penalties.

Business and corporate tax preparation: We will help get you organized, reduce the stress and prepare taxes to ensure accurate, on-time filings.

IRS tax resolution: We can advise, assist and resolve the issues should you receive a letter from the IRS with news of a past problem or future audit.

Outsourced controller consulting: We partner with you as needed to provide financial advice and guidance to better manage your accounting questions, policies, procedures, reporting and compliance.

Individual tax services: We also provide individual tax planning and preparation for our clients and individuals who want a trusted firm they can count on.

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