Reasons to open up a separate account for your business

For new business owners or anyone thinking of starting their own business, this is quick video that explains why it’s very important to have two separate bank accounts, one for personal and one for business. Having one bank account for everything will get messy. It will make your life a lot easier if you start […]

Updating your Records

Guessing should not be a part of your business. If a business owner does not have updated accounting and bookkeeping records, they are loosing money and opportunities to make their business grow. In this article, it goes into some of the top benefits of keeping up-to-date records. Regularly updated bookkeeping and accounting records gives the […]

Think Bigger!

Starting a business is no small task, but it’s important to keep thinking out of the box and get creative for the business to grow. Don’t get stuck in the same routine and getting comfortable in one spot. Change up your activities once in awhile or learn something new. To get your business to increase, […]

Budgeting Tips

Budgeting is so important for everyone be in the habit of doing. Whether you’re saving for a car, financing a house or more importantly, saving for retirement. To stay out of debt and to stop living paycheck by paycheck, it’s time to take budgeting seriously. These are seven tips to help get you started. If […]

Recent tax fraud in major college admissions

I’m sure most of you are aware of the tax fraud that involved several Hollywood celebrities, CEOs and other public figures. It was a multimillion dollar scandal which over 40 people were involved in. The lengths that they went through in order to get their kids into some of these elite schools is crazy. I […]

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