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Year-End Tax Planning Tips

  1. You want to make the most of available deductions. RMH can help you plan for deductions and credits that will serve your business goals most effectively. We don’t want you to miss out on any beneficial deductions or credits. Rules change every year, and we can advise you accordingly.
  2. When we analyze your deductions, we can help you with decisions on year-end expenses and payments. 
  3. Before year end, we can help you with your financial forecasting and estimates of refunds or payments. 
  4. We help our clients plan and project for year-end tax credits to help reduce final tax payments.
  5. With proper planning, we can help you save money on your taxes by taking advantage of tax return breaks before year end.
  6. As the new year approaches, we can discuss your 2020 goals and help you plan a beneficial tax strategy for the new year. We can also help you keep organized records and stay on track. We have helpful checklists and progress reports that will make next year even easier!