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How to Choose an Accountant for Small Business

End of year is a good time to look for a reliable accountant to help your business prepare for end-of-year taxes, aide in bookkeeping, or provide strategic advice for business growth. If you want to change to another accounting service, now is the time.

Know What Services You Are Looking For
To choose an accountant, first think about the aspects of your business you want accountant to handle. Is it bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, financial consulting, or does your business need to outsource CFO or comptroller responsibilities?

Find out if Accountant Has Small Business experience
In big firms, clients may never get to know their accountants. A smaller accounting firm might be more interested in taking time to understand your business and financial situation. Accountant that has experience working with small businesses is more likely offer better and more personalized service.

Compare Fees
Not every accounting firm charges the same fees. I depends on how many services are provided and qualifications of the accountant. Ask questions like” “Do you charge monthly fee and then separately for business taxes?” “What my monthly bill is going to be?” Accountant would know your cash flow, and you may be able to negotiate when and how you pay.

Help with Accounting Software
Accounting firms are using different software, you want an accountant who can teach you how to use your software (for example, QuickBooks) and could help you setup your chart of accounts.

An experienced accountant is a member of your team who can offer a wide range of services and solutions to make a positive difference for small business like yours.