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You can acCOUNT on us!

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Is all that accounting and bookkeeping drudgery getting on your nerves?
Are you worried about the accuracy and reliability of your financial reports?
Does payroll scare you because you’re pretty sure you don’t understand it all?
Are you desperately wanting to hand off the entire accounting/tax headache?
Wouldn’t business be great if only you didn’t have to worry about the IRS?

We hear you.
And, we’ve got options.

When you need a trusted partner to manage these areas or provide training for your staff, we customize our services to your needs. As a full-service firm that cares about our clients and the success of their businesses, we serve as an advocate for financial best practices, bookkeeping accuracy and exceptional tax services. It’s our job to simplify your systems with the expertise needed to move decisively toward your cash flow and profitability goals. 

At RMH Business Service Center, we work with business owners who struggle to keep up with bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and all the related (and rapidly changing) rules and regulations. Wherever you live and work, we are ready to serve you from the friendly Midwest—where people are valued, and relationships are built with genuine concern, integrity and strong work ethics. 

Our clients find comfort and peace of mind knowing they have a devoted team of specialists working on their behalf. When you want to drive goal achievement, we have the knowledge, experience and insights to do just that. We can do the work for you or set up your system and teach your employee how to do a great job. Either way, you’ll save time to focus on your most important activities for the day, whether that’s sales, marketing, product development, client services—or golf!

Give us a call at 402-218-0153 or schedule your free, introductory phone consultation here. We’d like to learn about your greatest success—and your biggest growth challenge. 

We serve a surprisingly broad cross section of industries. From healthcare accounting to restaurant bookkeeping, law firm taxes to construction company QuickBooks consulting, dental office payroll to insurance agency bookkeeping and more, we understand business and the critical financial metrics. 

Where do you live and work? Really? It’s no coincidence that you are in our preferred territory. We are here to help business owners across the U.S. with solid advice, excellent tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services.

When you want to efficiently maintain accurate financial data that’s at the heart and soul of your business, we can make that happen—consistently. We’d love to talk with you at your convenience. Schedule your best time for a free, introductory phone consultation here.

You can acCOUNT on us!  

Here’s a sampling of our success-focused services:

 Bookkeeping services
 Small business accounting
 QuickBooks training and consulting
 Professional payroll services
 Payroll set up and training
 Tax planning services
 Sales tax management
 Business and corporate tax preparation
 IRS tax resolution
 Outsourced controller consulting
 Individual tax services 

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A Partner You Can Trust

Bookkeeping accuracy for confidence in your numbers

Compliance-ready payroll services or payroll training

Professional tax services for trustworthy results

Skillful guidance on financial steps to success

Payroll Setup Meeting - Get Your People Paid - Quarterly & Annual Filings


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